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Alloy wheels are a soft metal which are easily damaged. They can get curbed, scuffed, chipped and begin to discolour. In some cases due to weather elements, they can corrode.  This can spoil the look of a vehicle and affect its resale value.

Not only do alloy wheels provide the vehicle with a more stable base, they also offer an exceptional cosmetic appearance for the vehicle. It is a shame when you scuff your alloy wheels as they are often costly to replace.

We can offer a service to repair alloy wheels which have sustained curb damage and suffered the elements, we also do full colour changes and can refinish them in any colour you wish.

We can come out to you and refurbish your wheels with our mobile service, or you can drop them into our workshop to leave with us.

At Autoscuff Solutions we use specialist equipment to repair the alloy wheel back to its original glory. Our pricing is very cost-effective and our service second to none.

The alloy wheel refurbishment process:

1. Your car is raised off the ground and placed on axle stands if necessary.

2. We remove the wheels to be refurbished from the car.

3. Remove the valve and release pressure from the tyres.

4. The bead of the tyre is broken and pushed back to expose the damaged edge.

5. The damage is then repaired and the wheel is prepared for painting.

6. Primer is applied and baked this is essential to prevent corrosion reforming.

7. The wheels are then spray painted with the selected colour/base coat until full and even coverage is achieved.

8. The wheels are then sprayed with a high gloss and scratch resistant lacquer and baked with Infra red heat lamps.

9. The tyres are inflated and the wheels are fitted back on the car then wheel nuts are tightened to manufacturers recommendations.

10. Job Done!

We use only the best quality automotive paints and materials.  Be aware of some other operators using aerosol paints and in some cases do not even remove the wheels from the car!

Give our friendly team a call today and get your alloy wheels refurbished the right way!

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