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When returning a car back to the dealership or leaseholder it is important the vehicle is returned in a satisfactory condition ie; no excessive wear and tear. Lease company's have strict guidelines which outline general wear and tear/excessive damage. If your vehicle doesn't meet their criteria you can expect a large bill that will be significantly higher than standard repair costs.
Our professional service can address these problems by providing you a quality service which specialises in alloy wheel repair, bodywork scuff and scratch repair and also minor accident damage repair.
We provide a professional mobile solution for end of lease return around the Kettering, Leicester, Corby and Northampton areas.
Leasing a car is a very economical solution for long term vehicle rental. The monthly charges seem fair and the system seems pretty straight forward however; the problems may occur when you return a vehicle. The leasing company go over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb in order to try and find new damage or defects that were not there prior to leasing the vehicle.
When a leasing company finds damage to the car they will book the car in to get repaired. Hidden within their terms are requirements which state the lender is responsible in ensuring that the vehicle is returned in satisfactory condition.We are experienced in end of lease returns and know what will be considered as fair wear and tear and what will be chargeable, We offer a free inspection of the vehicle to our customers and a free quotation if repairs need to be taken out.
If you are coming up to the end of your lease, then do not hesitate to give our friendly team a call and book your visit. It might just save you a small fortune!

End Of Lease Returns: Welcome
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