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Accidents happen... or so they say. Maybe you have reversed into a bollard or wall or perhaps you have returned from the supermarket to find a careless person roll a shopping trolley into your car. Whatever the scenario, they all leave the same result; unwanted accident damage to your vehicle.

We specialise in the repair of minor accident damage and have the ability to remove scuffs and minor damage from your vehicle. We have the knowledge, experience and appropriate equipment to carry out repairs effectively.

Small areas can usually be carried out mobile however we can carry out larger repairs at our workshop.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, high quality minor accident damage repair and the lowest pricing, usually well within your insurance policy excess. We operate around the Kettering, Corby, Leicestershire and so we are literally only around the corner.

We are a local company that take pride in earning a great reputation. We go above and beyond normal expectation to offer our customers the high quality all-round service they would expect.

Why not give us a call today so we can take a look at your vehicle damage and get it repaired for you.

Minor Accident Damage: Welcome
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